Just when you thought you were out they pull you back in with a new bundle.
“Return to Monkey Island” gets boxed five times over. Mojo goes broke.
Limited Run Games are flirting with less mainstream LEC titles; Mojo tries to figure out how to not go bankrupt over it.
Mojo turned twenty-five this year AND we saw another Gilbert/Grossman Monkey Island. We celebrate by making loose promises of celebrating this next…
Thrik is doubling down on Mojo doing more with less. Mojo answers by doing less with nothing.
After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving—President Thrik is famously a connoisseur of American cuisine—The Adventurer is BACK.
All quiet on the western, eastern, northern, and southern front. But Thrik got his Xbox back, so there is that.
We've got our own blue checkmark, thank you very much. Also, this week: Music from “Sam & Max” to “Return to Monkey Island.”
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The Adventurer